Sunday, February 28, 2010

" Dad"

He lived a very simple life.
He was a humble man.
He walked the wooded hillside
And worked the rugged land.

His hands were like the mighty oak;
The thundercloud, his brow.
He had a smile bright as the Sun...
That's where we'll find him now.

He liked to play the "grumpy bear"
And made us work to see
The love and pride deep in his heart
For all his family.

We share his love of nature;
Both the creatures and the land--
And we'll be closest to him
When the soil is in our hands.

We knew he'd heard the whisper
That would be his final call;
His heart was filled with anguish
To know he'd leave us all.

His mother reached from Heaven
And touched his furrowed brow;
"Bye and bye we'll be together;
I'll wait here with you now."

The child placed a flower
Upon his labored breast
To take with him to Heaven
When he drew his final breath.

He lingered with us for a time
Until he felt at Peace:
The flower slowly withered
As his spirit was set free.

But he is not gone from us,
He's only just away--
We'll journey on this Earth for now
And meet him some glad day.

Property of:
Heartscapes by Elizabeth
April 24, 2004
Poem I wrote for my cousin about his beautiful river home.....


Imagine...Summer on a Lazy River..
Carefree laughter, Days filled with glee;
Summer nights filled with starshine,
Music wafting on the breeze.

Imagine...Autumn on a Lazy River..
Frosty red and gold and green;
Ol' Jack spins his magic-scapes
To prepare for winter's dream.

Imagine...Winter on a Lazy River..
Whispers of first soft snow;
Lingering in the tall pine boughs,
It drifts to Earth below.

Imagine...Spring on a Lazy River..
Warm kisses of Sun to Earth..
The lazy river gently flows..
Life awakens to its' rebirth.

Imagine...Love on a Lazy River..
The Love of family and friends.
True bounty in the gifts of Life,
The passion never ends.

Imagine...Life on a Lazy River..
Celebration as each story's told..
A fervent spirit zealous and free.
Adventures yet to unfold.

Cha, cha, cha..............

Property of:
Heartscapes by Elizabeth
May 2004