Sunday, February 28, 2010

Poem I wrote for my cousin about his beautiful river home.....


Imagine...Summer on a Lazy River..
Carefree laughter, Days filled with glee;
Summer nights filled with starshine,
Music wafting on the breeze.

Imagine...Autumn on a Lazy River..
Frosty red and gold and green;
Ol' Jack spins his magic-scapes
To prepare for winter's dream.

Imagine...Winter on a Lazy River..
Whispers of first soft snow;
Lingering in the tall pine boughs,
It drifts to Earth below.

Imagine...Spring on a Lazy River..
Warm kisses of Sun to Earth..
The lazy river gently flows..
Life awakens to its' rebirth.

Imagine...Love on a Lazy River..
The Love of family and friends.
True bounty in the gifts of Life,
The passion never ends.

Imagine...Life on a Lazy River..
Celebration as each story's told..
A fervent spirit zealous and free.
Adventures yet to unfold.

Cha, cha, cha..............

Property of:
Heartscapes by Elizabeth
May 2004

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